3D Printed Parts Price List

07/25/21 - I'm changing my strategy about selling 3D printed parts. Many of the more complex parts were formally sold as 'kits'. For example, a single Battery Box Harness was a set of 6 parts. A set of 4 (2 Harnesses for each Battery Box) is 24 parts. The builder was expected to assemble the pieces to  create a finished part. While that is easy for some of the parts, it can become difficult for the more detailed designs. Those parts will no longer be sold as kits. The price list is being updated to reflect the parts that are only available as a finished assembly. 

03/19/21 - Pricing is being updated, additional parts will be made available for purchase as their designs are completed and tested. It's a "work in progress". 
Added pricing for Knurled Hose Fittings & Shoulder Stabilizer (AKA Under Shoulder Details) 
10/21/20 - Added pricing for Battery Box Harness, Leg Struts, and Radar Eye.

This should be the same list of parts that's on my 3D home page - it's not anywhere near complete yet. If there's a price shown then the part is available. For CS:R parts the standard 3D models are available in the R2BC "Dropbox". If I have modified a part, the part is illustrated here as a 3D.pdf file. 

I print parts on request. When your part is ready I'll send a Paypal Invoice.

 Assembled Cost Weight
Body Parts
Coin Return
Coin Slot Strip MC modified version of CS:R $251 oz
Center Vent Surrounds Upper & Lower MC modified  w/Fins$302 oz
Large Data Port CS:L with mounting lip (MC Customized)$30
3 oz
Large Data Port CS:R with mounting lip (MC Customized)$30
Octagon Port CS:L (3pc design, pair)$35
Octagon Port CS:R (5pc design, pair)$35
Pocket Vent
Power Coupling CS:L
Power Coupling CS:R $35
Restraining Bolt Arri Style (includes 8mm hardware & magnets)$35
Side Vent
Utility Arm CS:L/CS:R (pair shaved) with groove for lighting$404 oz
Ankle & Foot Parts
Ankle Cylinder (pair)$35
Ankle Cylinder Holder (pair)$25
Ankle Cylinder Wedge (pair)$20
Ankle Cylinder, Holder & Wedge (2 sets, 3parts each)$55
Ankle Side Details (set, 2@ left & right)$30
Battery Box Harness (set of 4)Assembled$30
Half Moon Details
Knurled Hose Fittings (set of 8)Assembled$25
Leg & Shoulder Parts
Leg Struts (pair)Assembled$35
Shoulder Hub Leg (pair, modified version)$35
Shoulder Buttons (set 4 Buttons with Hot Melt Inserts)
Shoulder Hydraulics (pair)Assembled$25
Shoulder Stabilizer (AKA Under Shoulder Details) (set of 4)Assembled$30
Dome Parts
Dome Bumps
Front & Rear Logic Display Bezels [set 2 small (front) & 1 large (rear)]$253 oz
Front & Rear PSI
Radar Eye no Lens (3 pcs)Assembled$30
Radar Eye with Lens (5 pcs)Assembled$37.50
Other Parts
Computer Interface Arm$50
Aprons Center Foot (included with Center Foot)
3 oz
Aprons Outer Foot (pair) (included with
Outer Foot Drives & Shells)

8 oz
Shoulder Hub Spacer (2pcs 1 1/4 PVC Pipe
 included with Frame)
Skirt Ribs (set 12pcs included with Frame)

Last updated 07/26/21