Octagon Port

There are two different designs for the Octagon Port. The original BC version and the R2.0 BC Version. Both are shown here. Click on the image to open a 3D .pdf version of the design. If you are not familiar with the R2.0 Plans take a look at the DroidWiki article.

My original 3D printed version of this part was in two pieces. One piece was the stack of 3 disks in the center, the other piece was the rest of the octagon port (the outer edges and the spider web in the center).

While it was a perfectly adequate implementation of the part, someone pointed out that it would be difficult to paint, since the parts on the botton of the port are usually aluminum while the sides are blue or black.

So back to the drawing board.

photo credit: R2BC Magic of the Myth
Click on the image to open a 3D .pdf version of the design.

With this design you can paint the outer ring and the spider web bottom & disk stack separately.

There's an edge/step on the spider web bottom piece that locates it inside the outer ring. The fit is deliberatley tight. File the edges of the step so that it fits.
There is a hole in the center of the spider web and matching blind hole in the disk stack. It's used to keep the parts aligned while they are being glued. Use an 8-32 bolt for an alignment tool. 

You might want to mask off a few small parts of the spider web mounting edge so you get have a clean plastic-to-plastic joint.  After painting assemble the parts together. Just be careful not to get glue on the painted surfaces (glue from the outside.)

Left: the original 3D printed design
Above: the new 3D printed design.

You can download models in STEP AP203 (.stp) format in English (inch) units as well as in 3D.pdf format: click here.