Number (Forty) Five is Alive!

Trinity Labs Aluminatus One

I purchased my Aluminatus One (A1) as part of the discounted "first fifty" offered in December of 2012. As a result of design changes, delays in parts delivery, and all of the difficulties in bringing the first (beta) version of a product to market Trinity Labs (TL) missed their target delivery date of 1/20/2013. While they were ready to deliver what they were calling the 1.0.1 version (the 1.0.0 version was the alpha)  toward the end of February because of trips that I was committed to taking I asked that the shipping of my unit be delayed until the beginning of April. As a result, I got a unit that was closer to the 1.0.2 version that they were planning on delivering as the "second fifty". They did a lot of the assembly steps that I was not looking forward to. A big thank yo for that!

The comments on the pages that are linked here are a record of my experiences putting together #45. With apologies to "Short Circuit" I was making it "Alive"!
I'm a 3D printing virgin. While I'm familiar with assembling mechanical and electrical equipment, I'll be the first to admit that some of what I'm getting into will be brand new territory. The record will show my mistakes as well as where I think TL could have done a better job. Don't take my comments the wrong way. I got a great deal on my printer and most of the problems I've had are a result of my own ignorance. That said, I've been told many times that there's always room for improvement. Maybe some of what I write here will help others.

Initial Mechanical Assembly - Un-boxing, Setting up, Finding directions, Making mistakes.
First Turn On - Electronics Assembly, Getting it connected, First Power On, Fixing Problems, Making Changes to the End Stop Wiring
Alignment - Squaring up the X-Axis, fixing z-axis feed screw wobble
Software & Calibration -  Work flow, Installing Software on your PC, Printer Calibration, setting firmware options - coming soon!
Miscellaneous - Work Table, Filament Storage, Printable Accessories for your A1,
Filament Spool and Spool Holder

Printer ReBuild

I'm planning on re-building my printer.There are 3 objectives of the re-construction.
1. Reduce the noise level
2. Replace all of the PLA parts with ABS parts. I'm going to eventually enclose the A1 to heat the build envelope. I'm planning on printing some tall, thin, ABS parts and want to avoid problems.
3. Move the electronics out of the base & replace the wiring to the 400w heater. The ability to access the electronics is important for the first objective. I've also got to re-program my Ardunio to eliminate the USB bus hangup problems and that will be easier once the electronics are re-located. I've also noticed that the wiring to the 400W Kapton bed heater gets very hot when the bed ramps up to temp, so I'll replace the wire with some heavier gauge wire.

Phase 1 Rebuild
- Although listed last, it turns out that moving the electronics is necessary to access the components under the deck so we're doing that first.

Phase 2 Rebuild - Noise Reduction

Contact Information
Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net