Information Sources

The are lots sources for information about 3D printers. The RepRap site is the best starting point for understanding the genesis and evolution of the affordable 3D printer movement.

Major Sites
RepRap - Replicating Rapid-prototyper

RepRap - list of sourceforge files
RepRap - Michigan google group
Makerbot - CupCake CNC
MakerGear - reprap clone - better extruder than makerbot

Fab@Home - Additive (syringe based) fab machine
Contraptor - DIY open source construction set for prototyping
3D Print Heads - similar thread, uses milling machine.
RepTab - CNC Plasma Torch Cutter -

Forum Sites

Trinity Labs - Aluminatus 1
home page -
TL forum -!forum/trinitylabs-talk

home page -
The Mendel Max 2.0 -
Maker's Tool Works (store) -
MendelMax forum -!forum/mendelmax

Slicr3 - points to
see also the documentation at
Settings and Calibration Slic3r is Nicer ( )  3 part tutorial.
Solidoodle Tips - this article is six months old, but is a good introduction to the terms, parameters, and options:
Slic3r Q&A Forum on RepRap:
Bug and Open Issue research and reporting -

PrintRun (includes Pronterface) -

Repetier-Host -
can be used as a G-code previewer

Skeinforge - points to

netfabb Studio Basic -
software for checking a .stl file prior to slicing/printing; also a .stl file viewer

Slicer Comparison -

Other Useful  Information
The incomplete reprap beginner's guide - mendel prusa specific but some generic
Building Your Own 3D Printer - An introduction - Steven Devijver - reprap oriented

Extruder Calibration
Slic3r is Nicer - Part 1 - Settings and Extruder Calibration
RepRap 101: Calibrating your Extruder, Part 2: Fine-Tuning.
3D printing guides - Calibrating your extruder
Triffid Hunter's Calibration Guide

Nylon Filament - taulman 618 -