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Welcome to the Media Conversions  R2-3D 3D web pages. 

03/27/16 - I'm collecting and re-organizing all of my engineering drawings, and 3D cad files, on these web pages. These pages started as a collection of 3D models of CS:L parts that, at the time, were only available as 2D drawings. I'm doing this in order to simplify managing the drawing collection and web site. Eventually the part drawing links that are on my R2-D2 web pages will point to drawings on this website.

Associated with each part page is a set of files that have been zipped for downloading. It will typically including the image file (<part name>.png or <part name>.jpg), the 3D.pdf file (<part name>.3d.pdf), and a 3D CAD file in STEP AP203 (.stp) format in English (inch) units (<part name>.stp). For some of the parts there will may be a 2D Autocad drawing (<part name>.dwg) and/or a  notations text file (<part.name>.txt) that will have information about differences between my models and the corresponding Club Spec drawings. If possible, I'll provide links to the corresponding Club Spec drawings that are found on the R2BC web site.

Background - A little bit about 3D printing and how I got to where I am now.

3D Component Models - larger pieces of R2
CS:R Leg Assembly - Leg, Ankle, Shoulder Horseshoes, Booster Cover
CS:R Leg
CS:L Booster Cover
CS:R Shoulder Horseshoes
Engraved Skins
CS:R Engraved Skins
CS:L Engraved Skins

3D Part Models

There's lots more to building a droid than meets the eye. There are an incredible number of small parts that are, in some cases, rather difficult to machine. Trust me, before I decided that 3D printing had matured enough to print parts I spend a bit of time trying to figure out how to machine the small parts for R2. Most of them are beyond my ability to manufacture with the tools I've got available. While I'm new to 3D printing I've seen what it's capable of doing.

Most of he published models are based on the CS:L (Club Spec: Legacy) R2BC drawings. I created 3D models because the information on those parts was only available in 2D drawings. The new CS:R (Club Spec: Revisited) parts have been released in 3D format. For more information on the changes see the Droidwiki article "CSR Overview and Files" and the Forum thread "Club Spec: Revisited.... "

I'm using Geomagic/Alibre Design's 3D design software and I'm publishing the models as well as in 3D.pdf format.

Body Parts
Coin Return
Coin Slot Strip
Front Vents
Large Data Port
Octagon Port
Pocket Vent
Power Coupling
Restraining Bolt
Side Vent
CS:L & CS:R Shaved Utility Arms

Ankle & Foot Parts
Ankle Cylinder, Holder & Wedge
Ankle Details
Battery Box Harness
Half Moon Details
Hose Fittings

Leg & Shoulder Parts
Leg Struts
Shoulder Buttons

Shoulder Hub
Shoulder Hydraulics
Shoulder Stabilizer

Dome Parts
Dome Bumps
Front & Rear Logic Display
Front & Rear PSI
Radar Eye

Other Parts
Computer Interface Arm
Center Foot & Outer Foot Aprons

Parts Available for Sale (Price List updated 9/7/15)
I'm just starting out building up my list of parts that I can actually print. Printing is harder that 3D modeling in that not everything you can model can be printed with acceptable results. In addition, I like to add features to my parts that make them more useful than standard part designs.
Note that I'm more than willing to make custom versions of 3D printed parts on request. There is no charge for the customization, with the caveat that I retain the design information and can sell copies of the part to other R2BC members.

Finishing 3D Printed Parts
If you are not familiar with finishing/painting 3D Printed Parts see  Andrew Radovich's monky3dparts.com web site for an excellent tutorial.

Other 3D R2D2 sources
Cujo3131's "3D Printable models" thread on Astromech.net

3D Printing Reference Information
Information Sources - 3D printing
Trinity Labs - Aluminatus One #45 Printer
NextGen - Moving beyond the TL A1 printer

Contact Information

Contact me using: fpirz (at) media (dash) conversions (dot) net

Legal Notices
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